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Skincare on the go: travel guide for holiday skin

By July 6, 2016Blog

Winter is here and it’s the perfect time to escape the cold and head on holiday.
Air travel, new climates and hotel air conditioning can make your skin feel tired and dry, here are some simple steps to make sure your skin is looking at its best on your holiday.

1. A good cleanser:

something light and foamy is perfect for holiday cleansing as it removes the dirt and make up in the most gentle way. This is particularly important when you have been exposed to the sun, as your skin will be very sensitive.

2. An exfoliating scrub:

preferably something gentle that will scrub away any excess oil or dirt from the skin, leaving you feeling fresh and clean. If you are in a particularly hot climate, a good scrub will be perfect for making sure you keep a glowing complexion without clogged pores. We recommend Antipodes Reincarnation – a rich creamy exfoliant that is a little bit of luxury as well as hard working on skin.

3. A gentle toner:

something to cool the skin and soothe any sensitivity from the sun. This also doubles up as a way to ensure you have removed all traces of your cleanser, another step in making sure your pores stay clean and clear.

4. A light day moisturizer:

the lighter the better! A thin layer of moisture is all your skin needs to be sufficiently moisturized during the day. Make sure you reach for one with an SPF as you will need all the sun protection you can get.

5. A rich night moisturizer:

a little bit of luxury on your holiday that will allow your skin to restore itself overnight. Hot tip: for an extra measure of hydration use an oil instead of a cream to reinvent your skin overnight. Antipodes have a beautiful range of oils to suit every skin type.

As always on holiday, remember to use sunscreen as well as covering up from the sun. But most importantly make sure you relax and have fun!

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