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How to: Adapt your skincare for the changing seasons

By May 24, 2016Blog
Adapt your skincare for the changing seasons. Is your skin feeling neglected after a long hot summer? Read on to find out how to adapt your skincare regime with Erban Spa.
The days are getting shorter and the temperatures are dropping; autumn is upon us. You may be asking yourself, how can I adjust my skin care routine for the changing seasons?  Here at Erban Spa, we take skin care seriously. Autumn is the perfect time to repair any sun damage you acquired over the long, hot summer and to begin nourishing your skin in preparation for winter. We offer a wide range of hydrating treatments that will bring your skin back to life, but here is how you can help improve the quality of it at home.

Invest in a thicker skin moisturiser:

As the wind picks up and the air gets colder, it is important your skin is protected from the elements with a good quality, thick moisturiser that will provide the ultimate in hydration. Switch your light summer lotion to a more luxurious cream and give it a head start for the winter.

Use oil based exfoliants:

Nothing beats a good old fashioned scrub to help your skin recover from summer and prepare for winter. An oil based exfoliating session is just what your skin needs to move dead cells and deeply hydrate, ready for the cooler months ahead.

Keep on top of your skincare routine:

Now more than ever, your skin needs you. Remember to keep up your day to day routine of cleansing and moisturising. Using lots of luxurious oils can make a big difference to your appearance. Check out our Antipodes organic range to find what oil may be right for you. Add in a facial every 3 weeks to make sure you give your skin a really good clean. Try our Environ Deep Cleansing Facial.

Protect your lips, hands and nails:

We often neglect these three important parts of our bodies, but it is essential that we nourish and protect our lips, hands and nails from the harsh winter climate as best we can. An essential part of this is a good routine of exfoliating lips and hands a few times a week and moisturising 1-3 times a day. Keep up a good manicure routine to stop nails from becoming brittle and dry.
Autumn is the time to shed your summer tan and reinvigorate your body, ready for the winter. It’s the perfect time to change up your skincare routine, with a strong focus on rich oils and moisturisers that deeply nourish and repair sun damage. Erban spa has a wide range of hydrating treatments from facials to full body massages and scrubs that will ensure your skin maintains a healthy glow all winter long.

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