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Skincare on the go: travel guide for holiday skin

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Winter is here and it’s the perfect time to escape the cold and head on holiday.
Air travel, new climates and hotel air conditioning can make your skin feel tired and dry, here are some simple steps to make sure your skin is looking at its best on your holiday.

1. A good cleanser:

something light and foamy is perfect for holiday cleansing as it removes the dirt and make up in the most gentle way. This is particularly important when you have been exposed to the sun, as your skin will be very sensitive.

2. An exfoliating scrub:

preferably something gentle that will scrub away any excess oil or dirt from the skin, leaving you feeling fresh and clean. If you are in a particularly hot climate, a good scrub will be perfect for making sure you keep a glowing complexion without clogged pores. We recommend Antipodes Reincarnation – a rich creamy exfoliant that is a little bit of luxury as well as hard working on skin.

3. A gentle toner:

something to cool the skin and soothe any sensitivity from the sun. This also doubles up as a way to ensure you have removed all traces of your cleanser, another step in making sure your pores stay clean and clear.

4. A light day moisturizer:

the lighter the better! A thin layer of moisture is all your skin needs to be sufficiently moisturized during the day. Make sure you reach for one with an SPF as you will need all the sun protection you can get.

5. A rich night moisturizer:

a little bit of luxury on your holiday that will allow your skin to restore itself overnight. Hot tip: for an extra measure of hydration use an oil instead of a cream to reinvent your skin overnight. Antipodes have a beautiful range of oils to suit every skin type.

As always on holiday, remember to use sunscreen as well as covering up from the sun. But most importantly make sure you relax and have fun!

Check out Erban Spa Dunedin, Erban Spa Christchurch and Erban Spa Nelson on Facebook or at www.erbanspa.co.nz to see our full range of products as well as our menu.

How to: Adapt your skincare for the changing seasons

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Adapt your skincare for the changing seasons. Is your skin feeling neglected after a long hot summer? Read on to find out how to adapt your skincare regime with Erban Spa.
The days are getting shorter and the temperatures are dropping; autumn is upon us. You may be asking yourself, how can I adjust my skin care routine for the changing seasons?  Here at Erban Spa, we take skin care seriously. Autumn is the perfect time to repair any sun damage you acquired over the long, hot summer and to begin nourishing your skin in preparation for winter. We offer a wide range of hydrating treatments that will bring your skin back to life, but here is how you can help improve the quality of it at home.

Invest in a thicker skin moisturiser:

As the wind picks up and the air gets colder, it is important your skin is protected from the elements with a good quality, thick moisturiser that will provide the ultimate in hydration. Switch your light summer lotion to a more luxurious cream and give it a head start for the winter.

Use oil based exfoliants:

Nothing beats a good old fashioned scrub to help your skin recover from summer and prepare for winter. An oil based exfoliating session is just what your skin needs to move dead cells and deeply hydrate, ready for the cooler months ahead.

Keep on top of your skincare routine:

Now more than ever, your skin needs you. Remember to keep up your day to day routine of cleansing and moisturising. Using lots of luxurious oils can make a big difference to your appearance. Check out our Antipodes organic range to find what oil may be right for you. Add in a facial every 3 weeks to make sure you give your skin a really good clean. Try our Environ Deep Cleansing Facial.

Protect your lips, hands and nails:

We often neglect these three important parts of our bodies, but it is essential that we nourish and protect our lips, hands and nails from the harsh winter climate as best we can. An essential part of this is a good routine of exfoliating lips and hands a few times a week and moisturising 1-3 times a day. Keep up a good manicure routine to stop nails from becoming brittle and dry.
Autumn is the time to shed your summer tan and reinvigorate your body, ready for the winter. It’s the perfect time to change up your skincare routine, with a strong focus on rich oils and moisturisers that deeply nourish and repair sun damage. Erban spa has a wide range of hydrating treatments from facials to full body massages and scrubs that will ensure your skin maintains a healthy glow all winter long.

The Yummiest Treat for Mother’s Day

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Antipodes Chocolate Facial: The Yummiest Treat For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner.  It’s the perfect time to pamper your amazing Mum after a busy few months we’ve had this year. Erban’s organic Antipodes Chocolate Facial offers the delicious decadence of chocolate with the powerful benefits of antioxidants to improve your skins feel and appearance, and is a beautiful way to celebrate your mum and truly pamper her (and yourself) . The Antipodes Chocolate Facial is an hour long treatment which is a chocolate lovers dream!

Beginning with a luxurious foot soak to warm the body and relax the mind and a double cleanse to rid the skin of any makeup or dirt and give it a good deep clean. Once the skin is clean, a deep exfoliation is used to remove any dead skin cells so that the goodness from the chocolate can penetrate in to the skin, nourishing your skin completely. A décolletage, neck and face massage is an added that with the Antipodes Divine Face oil to replenish the skins oil levels leaving it feeling beautiful and soft. 

When the client is fully relaxed we apply melted Cadbury’s Old Dark chocolate mixed with the Aura Manuka Honey face mask directly to the face. The smell rich smell of chocolate is heavenly. A square of chocolate is popped in the clients mouth at this stage because the urge to eat the mask is too much! Yum!

Dark chocolate is high in antioxidants which is amazing for your skin. The Antioxidants contained within fight free radicals. A free radicals is anything that is harmful to the skin, the sun, pollution, air. Everyone will benefit from this facial!

The mask is lovingly removed with hot towels and the treatment is finished with beautiful Antipodes serums, eye creams and moisturisers to ensure the client leaves feeling beautiful and radiant from the inside out. 

If this sounds like something you or someone you know would enjoy, then contact Erban Spa to book the most decadent and incredible way to celebrate Mother’s Day.

how to treat sensitive skin

How To Treat Sensitive Skin: Erban Spa’s Treatments

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Have you been wondering how to treat sensitive skin? At Erban Spa, we can offer in clinic treatments which will elevate pain and irritation and then provide a course of a home treatments.

The effective Environ Skin Care range is our active range which is extremely popular around the world for its fantastic results for treating sensitive skin.

If your skin feels dry, irritated, stingy, burning, red or tight then you may have sensitive skin.

It can be caused by skin reactions such as pustules, skin bumps, or skin erosion.  You may also get it from Eczema, Rosacea or Dermatitis. Sometimes shampoo or conditioner, body washes, soap, diet, hormones and not cleansing your skin properly. However there are many factors that can cause sensitive skin too.

Generally your skin is imbalanced if you have sensitive skin. Your aim is to put all the nutrients back into your skin.

Our Environ AVST moisturisers can help you with their four main ingredients:

  • Vitamin A can normalise the blood flow helping with redness and capillary damage.

    It also targets acne by decreasing sebum production and improve hydration both in and around the cells.

  • Vitamin Chelps to improve the appearance of pigmentation.

  • Vitamin E

    can help block free radicals, helping the appearance of ageing.

  • Antioxidants

    prevent damage to the skin cells giving a better, healthier complexion.

Some of us just can’t shake having sensitive skin, so how about you try the Environ AVST moisturisers and replenish your skin today.

Special Occasion treatments

How to: Wedding Day Treatments with Erban Day Spa

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Wedding season is in full swing and we are excited!

Here at Erban Spa, we have all the perfect wedding day treatments to get ready for your big day. Read on to discover how to get ready for your wedding the Erban Day Spa way.

The day before your big day can be a roller coaster of nerves, stress and excitement. Let us pamper and relax you so you can enjoy your magical day.

Erban Spa is located all around New Zealand to provide the perfect treatment regime for your special occasion, especially when it comes to your wedding day treatments.

Follow this simple guide and feel nothing but absolute bliss.

  • Get your nails done

    There is nothing quite like a beautiful fresh manicure to have you feeling amazing. An added extra is that while your hands are busy being loved, you are free to relax completely!

  • Have a long, lazy and delicious lunch.

    Grab your nearest and dearest and enjoy the time together laughing and eating. Spending time with the people who mean the most to you and who are about to share in your beautiful wedding can work wonders for your soul. A glass of bubbles is always welcome!

  • Get pampered!

    Nothing says relaxation like a facial or an amazing massage. Erban Spa has you covered, with a menu overflowing with delectable treatments that will have you in heaven. The rest will do you a world of good and you will leave the spa ready to be the most stunning bride in the world.

  • Take time to reflect.

    You are about to enjoy the best day of your life. Take some time to think about all the exciting things that are coming your way and really embrace the moment. After your special occasion treatment, sit back with a mineral water or herbal tea in our relaxation space and just breathe.

  • Rest your skin.

    Wear minimal make up and allow your skin to breathe. Natural oils such as Antipodes Organic Divine Face Oil will help to give you that bridal glow and have your skin in top top condition. You can consult with us about a facial treatment schedule leading up to your wedding to make sure you can get your skin in the best condition. Get your wedding glow on.

Your wedding is such a beautiful and exciting time in your life. Spend the day before devoting time to yourself and your friends and wake up on your wedding day feeling refreshed and excited!
For more information on Erban Spa treatments and packages, browse our website or call in to your local Erban Spa.
Erban Spa Wellington Day Spa staff favourite product of the week organic face cleanser Antipodes Hallelujah Lime and Patchouli Cleanser

Erban Spa Wellington Pick of the Week: Antipodes Cleanser

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This week our Erban Spa Wellington Product of the week is Antipodes’ Hallelujah Lime and Patchouli Cleanser. If you’re looking for a new cleanser, this is definitely one worth trying out. Every week, our Erban Spa Team will keep you up to date with their favourite product. This week we’re talking to Nicole from Erban Spa Wellington about her favourite product from our organic range.  This is our product of the week from our Erban Spa Wellington.

Our staff are extremely passionate about our products we have in our day spa, and the reason we recommend them so much is because we know they are the best ones around for you to use. However, everyone’s skin is different so what might work for one person might be different for another. We will always take your preferences into consideration as well. We have both an organic product range and an active product range in all of our day spas. The best thing to do is book a skin consult with one of our therapists and they will sort out the perfect skin regime for you. You can book an appointment on Erban Spa website. We have locations all around the country: Auckland Spa, Wellington Spa, Nelson Spa, Christchurch Spa and Dunedin Spa.

First up is, Nicole Matheson from our Wellington Erban Spa. Nicole’s favourite product is from our organic range, Antipodes. If you’re looking for a new cleanser, this could be something worth trying out. Here’s what Nicole has to say:

Nicole from Erban Spa Wellington Favourite Product of the Week: Our Organic Range Antipodes’ Hallelujah Lime and Patchouli Cleanser.

I am obsessed with the Antipodes Hallelujah Lime & Patchouli cleanser. It smells amazing and is perfect for safely removing my high coverage foundation without stripping my skin or leaving it feeling thirsty. My skin is nourished and hydrated when I use this daily. I know my future self will thank me for choosing a creamy rich cleanser in my mid-twenties. Couldn’t recommend it more!

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Lay Back & Dine Special Occasion Spa Package

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This spa package for special occasions is exactly what you have been looking for – trust us. Are you finding it hard to top your gift from last year? Want to really spoil your loved one? Needing an excuse to have a wee relaxation time yourself. Well, you have come to the right place.

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We have the day out of your dreams; Erban Spa Lay Back & Dine Spa Package for Special Occasions.

Our Lay Back & Dine spa package is the creme de la creme, the icing on the cake, the cherry on top spa package that every girl, woman or man would swoon over. This is the ultimate birthday, Valentine’s Day, special occasion – or simply just a treat – package that will win you brownie points.
You have several options with your package, either a blissful relaxation massage, a deep tissue massage or a Antipodes Organic Facial, the choice is yours. The dual room allows you to share this special moment with a friend or loved one. Go back to the basics of friendship or love and just experience the zen and peace that comes with the couples pampering. Then finish off your dream day with a decadent dinner with one of our partner restaurants. And finally, come and let go of those last little bits of stress in our relaxation room with cups of herbal tea or some mineral water.
Imagine this, your therapist applies silky, heated oil to your body and warms your muscles with long, soft strokes. Concentrating specifically on the tightest spots holding the most stress. If you opt for the facial, it will start with a foot soak and massage to warm the body. Then lie back and relax while we cleanse, exfoliate, massage and moisturise your skin using fragrances and plant extracts from around New Zealand. These organic-derived products will beautify, cleanse and soothe your skin as well as your soul.
The products used are packed full of the perfect balance of indulgence and benefits – what better way to relax and rejuvenate for your next special occasion. Contact us for more information about the Erban Spa Lay Back & Dine package.

We’re Hiring at Erban Spa around the Country!

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Do you want to work in a great team environment? We’re hiring at Erban Spa. We’re looking for a few part time staff around the country and a rockstar spa receptionist for Auckland! If you’re passionate, enthusiastic and switched on, we want you! Be a part of a fun, friendly and supportive environment with a great team at Erban Spa.

Positions available Auckland, Wellington, Nelson & Dunedin!

This is definitely an environment you want to work in! Get in touch with us ASAP at dunedin@erbanspa.co.nz

4 Ways Organic Skincare can transform your life

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An organic lifestyle has been in the spotlight a lot recently, with organic diets, products and especially organic skincare becoming increasingly more on trend. Now more than ever before, beauty therapists have access to a wide range of both beautiful and beneficial organic skincare products that will make you feel and look amazing this summer.
Here are five ways organic skincare can transform you; mind, body and soul:

1. Organic Skincare

can brighten your skin without the harsh irritants you may find in regular, more chemical based skincare. The natural abrasives used in organic facial exfoliating cleansers are often skin friendly products like natural sugar or salt. These cleanse away imperfections in the skin with a decreased risk of allergic reaction – leaving you with a beautiful, healthy glow.

2. A range of organic skincare is better for the environment

as sustainable materials are used, such as avocado oil and echinacea, to create organic skincare. Imagine the peace of mind you will get knowing that you have not harmed any animals or the environment simply by using organic skincare. As the products are made from natural ingredients, this means that no animal testing is needed to ensure that the products are safe for use. How awesome is that!

3. No more nasty chemical smells.

With gorgeous essential oils such as lavender used in the creation of organic skincare, your daily routine will be a delight to the senses. These oils also have a wide range of healing properties, such as calming and soothing you while making your skin look and feel amazing.

4. It is perfect for sensitive skin.

As no chemicals are used in the making of these skin care products, they are a dream to use for people whose skin is a little more sensitive. Organic products use on the face such as soothing avocado oil can help to repair skin that is easily damaged by overly harsh chemicals.

Erban Spa use a wide range of Antipodes NZ Natural Skincare Products that all provide so many wonderful benefits. Why not try out one of their incredible massage or facial treatments and see the benefits for yourself.
Mothers day special

The Top 5 Ways to Spend an Erban Gift Voucher

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Give the gift of wellbeing with an Erban Spa gift voucher. If you are after the perfect gift for your friends, family, colleagues or that special someone, look no further than Erban Spa this Christmas. Between heavenly massages and facials to manicures and pedicures, waxing and full skin care ranges, there is something to suit everyone’s taste and budget. Erban Spa have developed a first class menu that ensures every person who walks through the door is treated like royalty and leaves feeling rejuvenated and peaceful. Treat your loved one with an Erban Spa Gift Voucher to give the gift of wellbeing.

Here are five different options that you or your loved one could spend their Erban Spa gift voucher on:

1. Antipodes Chocolate Facial:

Not a lot more needs to be said here. Erban’s organic Antipodes Chocolate Facial offers the delicious decadence of chocolate with the powerful benefits of antioxidants to improve your skins feel and appearance.

2. Hot Stone Massage:

An incredible full body experience of hot volcanic stones that will relieve muscle tension while providing all the relaxation you would expect from a massage at Erban.

3. Antipodes Arohanui Organic Massage:

Let the amazing New Zealand Antipodes range take you away with a beautifully unique massage that will soothe the soul and cleanse the body all at once.

4. Indian Head Massage:

The perfect treat for anyone who suffers from sinus and headaches, this unique massage technique soothes the neck, shoulders, face and head, providing ultimate comfort and relief when it is needed most.

5. Sheer Bliss:

The Queen of all Erban Spa packages, this package combines the goodness of a full body massage with the magic of an Aroha facial along with a head massage, mini makeover and a herbal tea. What more could you ask for?

These five treatments are just the beginning of Erban Spa’s comprehensive and utterly soothing menu. With so much more to choose from the options are endless and the opportunity to make someones day is huge! Treat the people in your life and give the gift of wellbeing this Christmas.

Give the gift of well-being Buy a Voucher