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4 Ways Organic Skincare can transform your life

By January 7, 2016Blog
An organic lifestyle has been in the spotlight a lot recently, with organic diets, products and especially organic skincare becoming increasingly more on trend. Now more than ever before, beauty therapists have access to a wide range of both beautiful and beneficial organic skincare products that will make you feel and look amazing this summer.
Here are five ways organic skincare can transform you; mind, body and soul:

1. Organic Skincare

can brighten your skin without the harsh irritants you may find in regular, more chemical based skincare. The natural abrasives used in organic facial exfoliating cleansers are often skin friendly products like natural sugar or salt. These cleanse away imperfections in the skin with a decreased risk of allergic reaction – leaving you with a beautiful, healthy glow.

2. A range of organic skincare is better for the environment

as sustainable materials are used, such as avocado oil and echinacea, to create organic skincare. Imagine the peace of mind you will get knowing that you have not harmed any animals or the environment simply by using organic skincare. As the products are made from natural ingredients, this means that no animal testing is needed to ensure that the products are safe for use. How awesome is that!

3. No more nasty chemical smells.

With gorgeous essential oils such as lavender used in the creation of organic skincare, your daily routine will be a delight to the senses. These oils also have a wide range of healing properties, such as calming and soothing you while making your skin look and feel amazing.

4. It is perfect for sensitive skin.

As no chemicals are used in the making of these skin care products, they are a dream to use for people whose skin is a little more sensitive. Organic products use on the face such as soothing avocado oil can help to repair skin that is easily damaged by overly harsh chemicals.

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